Handmade Child's Dough - Neon Rainbow Colours

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This listing is for 6 2oz pots of my handmade child's dough in a special 6 colour neon pack wrapped with neon curling ribbon. This play dough is made of all natural non-toxic ingredients. This dough is so much better than the shop bought kind and I have perfected my special recipe for brightly coloured fun packed dough. The best part is it lasts well when kept in airtight containers (and it likes to be played with of course!).

This listing includes the following colours;

Note these are electric colours not fluorescent.
(colours may vary due to your computer's screen and from batch to batch)

Why not add a wooden rolling and four shape cutters to make a great play set?!

Each colour is individually packaged in an air tight container. Wrapped with cellophane and ribbon. Carries the CE Mark and conforms to EN71 - European Standard for Safety of Toys.
Please retain the tag that comes with this product for future reference.
Not suitable for children under 3 due to potential choking hazard.

While this play dough is made with edible ingredients and it is non-toxic it is NOT meant to be edible and doesn’t taste nice either! Please use your best judgement and supervise children while playing. Due to the high salt content it is also advisable to keep it away from pets.